The Changing World of Romance

Like it or not, the world of romance writing is changing. While the trope of boy meets girl, sparks fly and the two live happily ever after is a given in romance fiction, more and more authors today are giving the genre a fresh new look with stories about nontraditional heroines and heroes. They are becoming more representative of the world today.

While the traditional “bodice ripper” will always remain popular, the LGBTQ historical romance is becoming a hot topic for romance authors today. According to author, Laina Villeneuve, the coming out story used to be huge and now it isn’t such a big deal anymore.” Now, instead of the heroine falling for her best friend’s older brother, the story may hinge around a young man falling for his best friend’s older brother. It should also be noted that a story set during a time when getting caught in the act with another man was certain to lead to a prison sentence, can lend itself to a variety of emotional scenes and plot twists.

Love is a universal feeling. It transcends gender, race, religion and culture. It is fraught with trials and tribulations, passion and heartbreak. That’s what makes it so interesting.



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