Story-Telling is a Family Affair

In keeping with the focus on YA authors this month, I thought I would indulge in a proud grandmother moment and feature a piece about my granddaughter. She is a 12-year old indie author who has published her own book and is currently at work on a second one.  She writes for the age group she is most familiar with…middle schoolers. At her young age, she has already been a guest speaker at a Young Author’s Fair and is an inspiration to other aspiring authors. The following press release highlights one of the events we did together to launch her book.

Meet McKayla Gately, author of Chaos, Book I of the Timekeeper Series.

No one expected the youngest novelist at the Inlandia Indie Book Fair to be 12-year old McKayla Gateley. McKayla and her grandmother, award-winning author Wanda DeHaven Pyle, debuted their new novels together at the event in Jurupa Valley.

McKayla spent the past year working on her book, CHAOS, a medieval fantasy filled with Gods and demons, each intent on taking over the land. An avid reader of fantasy and adventure stories, she became fascinated by ancient Greek and Roman mythology during a study of ancient history in school. She plans to release her book on Amazon in December in time for the holiday season. She is already at work on the next book in her series.

When asked who influenced her most in her quest to become a published author, she cited her family and especially her grandmother. However, she has agressively sought out the advice of teachers and other young adult authors whose work she admires.

“McKayla is a very promising young author,” stated her grandmother, Wanda DeHaven Pyle. “I helped her with some editing and formatting, but the story is her own.” With a grandmother’s pride, she added, “I’m quite sure she will someday win the Pulizer!”

Watch for the release of McKayla’s second book on Amazon in the near future.

All books are available on Amazon and Kindle at, and and 


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